Image Line EzGenerator v2.5.0.89


Inginkan sebuah laman web yang profesional tanpa memerlukan skill grafik?Saya cadangkan anda menggunakan perisian ini.

EZGenerator is Web Site builder targeted at the home users and organisations looking for an easy and affordable solution to create a high quality and good looking website.
EZGenerator requires no technical skills , works without special CGI scripts and is not limited to proprietary hosting services.
EZGenerator makes website management a breeze and allows you to make immediate site updates from your home or office PC with an Internet connection.


  • Build Website in no time – not just HTML pages but complete website(s) !
  • E-Commerce shop that works with PayPal or WorldPay for your credit card processing
  • Online Calendar to easily list your events
  • Online BLOG (also PHOTOBLOG) to put your thoughts/diary online
  • Online Newsletter – with subscription management
  • Automatic creation of your Navigation menu’s, based on your website structure
  • Generation of all of your Graphical Buttons & Images …. based on over 2500 FREE Web Templates!!
  • Automatically create great looking Photo Gallery pages, using Image Thumbnails, Image Containers or Image Slideshows.
  • Upload your site with built-in FTP.

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